Opulent Global Style

Posted by Lauren Persson on

Interiors evolve with the seasons and clear summer light inspires us to add more colour to the Fino Lino showroom, bringing inspiration to us and our customers.   We are experiencing a strong integration of colour into minimal interiors  featuring more chartreuse, green,yellow, blue, watery aquamarines and classic orange. Linen fabrics are particularly coveted in the summer months for their light cool feel and natural feel; see our Summer Linen Blog for more on this wonderful fibre that has been prized since antiquity.     All displays below may be viewed in store - come by and be inspired! This aquamarine and citrine chandelier brings an ethereal feel to...

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A Lush Life - Mediterranean Summer

Posted by Bill Persson on

A Lush LifeStyling by Lauren and photography by Alice     Fino Lino is known for it's eye catching window displays. Let your imagination capture summer inspiration with watery aqua and blue of a Mediterranean summer. Add stylish elements with decorative linens, pillows and reflective objects. Create lush outdoor tabletop, by mixing desirable indoor decorative objects and china with outdoor accessories         Select a dreamy summer tablecloth in linen, cotton blends or a coated tablecloth to endure the outdoors. We have chosen Seville in mint by Le Jacquard Francais. Mix up well crafted treasures; place settings by L'Objet and gold leaf   chargers by Ercoles available at Fino Lino      ...

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Investing in Luxury Down Duvets & Pillows

Posted by Terri Duke on

    Choosing a Down Duvet Our parents, especially those of European heritage, slept under the most delectable down duvets and, if we were lucky, shared the comfort with us. There are down duvets in circulation that are 100 years old where the down is still in good condition. To prolong the life further a good cleaning and re-ticking would be recommended. Given proper care a hand-crafted luxury down duvet will last for generations.You may fully expect to enjoy your duvet for 15-20 years or more. Deciding which down duvet would work best for your personal needs and comfort requires some careful consideration....

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