Linen & Bedding Product Info

Bed Linens

The bed is the most intimate and nurturing of home environments. It is a place of beginnings, a refuge of solitude and a symbol of shared bliss. Since we spend a third of our lives there, the bed is the footprint of our innermost selves. Building from a blank slate the dedicated staff of Fino Lino strive to personalize the bed scape for each customer. Carefully listening to their needs and thoughtfully choosing the right mix of color, pattern and texture whilst carefully considering the individual maintenance needs of the customer.

Whether serviceable or grand each customers choice is treated in the highest regard. Fino Lino has relationships with finest linen houses in the world that create an extensive collection of quality linens. Specializing in natural fibers, fabrics are exposed to the least amount of chemicals to maximize their wear ability, and in some cases are completely chemical free.

The fiber, quality of yarn, weave, thread count and the finishing all contribute to the quality and comfort of the bedding.

Fino Lino specializes in hand crafted jacquards woven on extra wide looms. Drawing on Old World designs that have been expertly re-colored to suit present home decors. Although our personal preference may be deeply rooted in the Renaissance and Neo Baroque periods, many of our designs reflect more contemporary lines and the cubist period.

Bed linens are imported from Italy, Austria and Germany and are woven from the finest quality Egyptian long-staple yarn. Finishing in simple knife edge or highly embellished the careful workmanship demonstrate long-term commitment to beauty and desirability.

We have an extraordinary collection of bed linens, coverlets, and decorative shams. Bed skirts are most often custom made or may be stocked in the panel style to adapt to any drop.


Down Duvets and Pillows

Our selection of down duvets, feather beds and pillows may be one of the most important foundations to enhance your sleep environment.

Fino Lino selects the down duvets based on the finest quality available at basic and luxury levels. All down is of the highest standard in the category, often rare and possessing the most exquisite qualities thus allowing them to be warm yet light. Whether choosing European or Canadian species down they have exceptional loft and long term wear ability.

The construction of the shell is integral to the performance of the down. They are carefully constructed from ticking made in a German mill that is renowned for their expertise in weaving down-proof cloth that lasts for generations. 

Hand-guided workmanship takes place in Canada to the highest of standards. The patent box construction allows down to be added for warmth flexibility at a later time. Pillows may be fully customized in soft, medium and firm fills and some types are fully washable.

All luxury down products carry twenty year guarantees against defect in the materials and workmanship,and are truly manufactured for long-term use and comfort. The comfort guarantee of ten years ensures that you have chosen the correct warmth of duvet for your personal needs. 

Fino Lino draws on extensive product knowledge to personalize your sleeping environment. Down consultants will help you choose the right fill, correct weight and desirable shell. Our private label Krystyna duvets and pillows can be fully customized to your needs and are carefully designed with the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. The collection also includes European squares and travel pillows. 

Select from European ticking and down ranging from the rarest Eiderdown to most serviceable Canadian White Goose Down. The patent shell allows down to be added providing confidence in your decision and the ability to adapt to your needs. 

Down Duvets and Pillows


Custom fabrics and weights

Monogramming for personalization or room placement


Foundation for The Bed

Feather beds with a goose down top layer for comfort and the main chamber filled with goose feather for support encased in luxurious cotton covers.

Mattress and feather bed covers with cotton terry covers and filled with New Zealand virgin wool. They will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter months.The wool has been milled to make it machine washable without shrinkage.

Allergen proof pillow, mattress and feather bed covers made from breathable European fabrics that are dust and mite proof.


Alternative Duvets and Pillows

The most desirable alternative to down is from natural sources such as silk. It provides excellent insulation and is extremely breathable, organic and natural. It is also naturally resistant to mildew, mold and, mites providing safety for people with allergies. 

The source of silk is from the silk cocoon, perfectly designed by Mother Nature to protect the baby moth from heat and cold. The silk fibre is batted then enclosed in a silk shell making the duvet feel comforting and extremely luxurious. Silk naturally wicks moisture away keeping body temperature even.

There are several types of silk available and are made in different weights to suit your needs.

Tussah Silk is a wild silk that is farmed outside, from the Antheraea paphia moths. They feed on Oak trees which makes the silk yarn stronger and coarser. In our collection this type of silk is usually contained in a cotton cover. 

Cultivated Silk where the silk worms of the Bombyx mori moth are raised in captivity, and fed mulberry leaves producing a silk which is finer and softer.

The silk filament is carefully unwoven from the cocoon and may be up 630 meters long. This fine quality of silk is encased in a silk cover with extraordinary drape.

Silk Duvets should be covered with a duvet cover to keep them clean and regular airing will keep them fresh.