Laundry Soap & Linen Water Product Info

Laundry Soap and Linen Water

Fino Lino specializes in quality imported Bed and Table Linens.  Our sources are extenive, styles are numerous and each collection is chosen for its quality, craftsmanship and styling.  Most of the linens are easily laundered at home and are made oversized to allow the appropriate amount of shrinkage. Very few require professional cleaning.

Sorting your way through what works best for your needs should not be difficult; however, many of our clients are nervous to wash their new linens, especially for the first time. Essentially the first wash may govern their long-term wearability. A few simple precautions will ensure your linens perform beautifully.

Fino Lino has conducted thorough tests on Laundry solutions to help preserve the long-term beauty of Linens. Please always follow the manufacturers washing instructions.

SDH Fine Fabric Wash is the natural, gentle and effective way to clean fine linens and delicate washables. Made from a natural concentrate, it rinses away clean leaving no damaging residue to break down fabric fibres or pollute the environment. Compatible with all washing machines, temperatures and water systems,the super concentrated formula means less water, energy and packaging. Made with natural bleach alternatives, plant based ingredients and essential oils.

Free of dyes, perfumes, and harsh solvents

Free of alcohol and phosphates

Free of chlorine and brightening agents

Free of artificial colours and fragrances

Free of allergens, phthalates and paraben

Super concentrated

Cold water active

100% Biodegradable

Never tested on animals 

Handwashing use 1/16 cup/15ml.

Front loading regular cycle 1/8 cup/30ml.

Top loading 1/4 cup/60ml.

Linen Wash may be used for all washables and colourfast fibers. Linen wash is a cold water cleanser helping preserve the colour of the linens and to avoid shrinkage. It is very concentrated and only requires approxiamately 1/8 of a cup in soft water regions. It produces minimal sudsing and is safe in regular and high-efficiency washing machines.

No bleach or caustics

No enzymes or phosphates

Neutral PH and low sudsing

Environmentally friendly

100% biodegradable and sulphate free

Not tested on animals 

Other Products from Linen Wash

Towel Wash is formulated to clean luxury bath towels, mats, rugs and robes. May be unsed on most bath linens made from cotton, linen, micro modal and silk.

Down Wash for down duvets and pillows

Laundry Wash for most laundry including natural and synthetic fabrics.

Children's Wash for laundering children's and infants' bed and bath linens, as well as, clothing. 

Linen water may be sprayed on most fabrics (except silk) leaving them fresh. Makes a wonderful room spray. Spray on linens before ironing.

Free of dyes, perfumes and harsh solvents

Free of alcohol and phosphates

Free of artificial colours and fragrances

Free of allergens and parabens

Super concentrated

Cold water active

100% biodegradable

Never tested on animals