Linen & Cotton Kimono Robe

  • $642.00

Linen loves water and the more often it is washed the softer and more luxurious it becomes. The Kimono Robes are available in a variety of colors in one of our most popular patterns, Camelot. Linen lovers will cherish these beautiful robes.

Matching towels are available in a cotton/linen mix in the Lago color.


  • Shrinkage 4-5%
  • 50% Cotton, 50% Linen

Washing Instructions:  Launder on gentle with cool/warm water to 30C. Use maximum water setting, and the most gentle spin cycle. Always turn items inside out before washing. Remove the robe from the wash and hang to drip dry . Never tumble dry and avoid hanging coloured robes in direct sunlight. White linen will benefit from being hung in the sunlight.