Leitner Kiefer Towels


Kiefer Towels are pre-washed towels combine the luxurious feel of cotton with the added strength of linen. This herring bone design suits nicely with modern interiors to transitional style. The towels are 80% Cotton, 20% Linen and made in Austria. Color swatches are available in store. 

Colors: (43)Navy Blue, (89)Anthrazit, (35)Rostrot, (82)Stone

*Navy Blue and Anthrazit are normally in stock in the store.


Face cloth        12" x 13"

Fingertip Towel 12" x 20"

Hand Towel      20" x 40"

Bath Towel       25" x 55"

Bath Sheet      40" x 60"

** Items may take approximately 8-10 weeks to ship from Austria if not in stock. Please contact us for store stock availability.