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Size Charts for Bedding & Towels June 10 2013

Bed sizes and bedding specifications have become more complex as the pursuit of a comfortable sleep environment increases. Hopefully we spend at least one third of our lives in our most private domain and our aim at Fino Lino is to help you have a more restful sleep. We are passionate about creating the most comfortable bed and take great pride in sharing our product knowledge, design skills and bedding specifications.

Mattress depths usually range between 8" and 20".  It is a matter of opinion whether the comfort factor  increases as the mattress becomes larger. Design aesthetic may also influence the personal determination of comfort. Feeling comfortable and enjoying how the bed looks are all important in the decision making process.

The Italianate bed style is becoming more popular with a low profile platform or frame and an 8" mattress, whereas traditionalists may prefer a frame with a high profile mattress depth of 12" to 18". We are even now working with mattresses of a 20" depth. When a mattress is at the opposite extremes of 8" or 20" the mattress protector, fitted sheets and duvets often have to be customised to ensure a desirable fit.

The average specification of depth or overhang in luxury bedding  is 15" to 17",  although super-sizes are available. Fino Lino is able to customise the size and we are adept at working with unusual specifications. Many of our fabrics are 118"- 120" wide allowing the construction of luxury bedding without seams,  increasing comfort and longevity.

Before choosing bedding for your home take a moment to record your specifications; the width, length and depth of your mattress is essential.  Also the measurement from the top of the box spring to the floor will be helpful if you wish to use a bed skirt.
This will allow the process to be more pleasurable and certainly will save time!!!

***  Before dressing your bed with your new bedding ensure that they fit and that the package contains what you expected.  Bedding that has been laundered is non-returnable.

Mattress sizes

Twin/single                                39" x 75"

Twin extra-long                         39" x 80"
Double/full                                 54" x 75"
Queen                                        60" x 80"
Eastern King                             76" x 80"
King with 2 twin mattresses       78" x 80"
California King                          72" x 84"
Crib                                          28" x 52"

Fitted sheets and Mattress Protector.
Take the depth of the mattress and add 3" to 5" for a secure tuck-in. Our bedding specialists have knowledge of the approximate shrinkage of the material and will be pleased to advise.

Fitted Sheets

Twin                                    39" x 75" x 15"
Double/Full                          54" x 75" x 15"
Queen                                 60" x 80" x 15"
King                                    76" x 80" x 15"
King                                    78" x 80" x 15" older style
Cal King                              72" x 84" x 15"
Crib                                     28" x 52"
Super Queen                       60" x 80" x 20" fits up to 17" mattress
Super King                          78" x 80"x 20"   fits up to 17" mattress
* Industry average for luxury bedding is 17"depth

Mattress Pads

Twin                                      39" x 75"
Twin extra-long                      39" x 80"
Double/Full                            54" x 75"
Queen                                   60" x 80"
King                                      76" x 80"
King                                      78" x 80 older style
Cal King                                72" x 84"
Depths are 16" and 24"

Sheet turn-back should be approximately the same length as the duvet cover.
Flat sheets
Twin                      70" x 106"
Double/full             84" x 106"
Queen                   94" x 110"
High profile queen 96" x 116"
King                     106" x 110"
High profile king   114"x 116"

Pillows Soft/medium/firm fills
Regular            20" x 26"
Standard          20" x 28"
Queen             20" x 30"
King                20" x 36"
Euro                25" x 25"
Grande Euro   31" x 31" 

Body Pillows
Twin                        20" x 39"
Double/full               20" x 54"
Queen                     20" x 60"
King                        20" x 76"

Pillowcases  American style        Pillowcases with continental fold
Standard/Queen      22" x 33"                 22" x 30"
Queen                     22" x 36"                 22" x 32"
King                         22" x 42"                 22" x 36"

Shams (inside measurement may vary from supplier and shrinkage of the fabric)
Standard     21" x 27"
Queen         21" x 31"
King            21" x 37"
Euro            26" x 26"

Duvets Ultralight/ Classic/ Winter weight - made from down
Twin                     72" x 88"
Double                 use queen
Queen                  90" x 94"
Super Queen       100" x 100"
King                     106" x 94"
Super King          114" x 100"

Feather/Down Mattress Pads (Sits on top of the mattress)
Twin                    39"x75"
Twin extra long    39" x80"
Double                54"x75"
Queen                 60"x80"
King                    78"x80"
Cal king               72"x84"

Duvet Covers
Twin                           72"x86"
Double                        80"x84"
Queen                         90"x92"
Hi-profile queen           98"x96"
King                            108"x92"
High profile king          116"x96"
Super king                   114"x98"
Cal king                       100x96"

Twin                         74"x94"
Double/Full              88"x94"
Queen                      94"x98"
High profile queen    100"x102"
King                         108"x 98"
High profile king       114"x102"

Twin                        80"x110"
Double                    96"x110"
Queen                    102"x116"
King                        120"x116"

Decorative Pillows
Boudoir               12"x16"
Square                16"x16"/ 18"x18"/ 20"x20"
Fino Favourite     18"x26"
Neck roll              7"x14"
Euro                    25"x25" 26"x 26"
Grande Euro        31"x 31"
Twin Bolster         9"x39"
Double Bolster     9"x54"
Queen Bolster      9"x60"
King Bolster          9"x76"

* all measurements are approximate and may vary with suppliers.
Please check with your Fino Lino bedding specialist for more information.

Washing Instructions June 10 2013

Clients have said that they would compromise their comfort to have something that is purely serviceable. Unfortunately, they may live with linens that don’t provide the luxurious comfort that they deserve.  Like any luxury item, a little extra care will reward you for many years with comfort and lasting beauty.  Nothing is more splendid than slipping into a freshly changed bed.

Addressing how to launder your Linen wardrobe is our pleasure.

The Ritual of Laundering
Sheeting, duvet covers and unlined shams

Machine wash on the gentle cycle with warm water to a maximum of 3oC.  Select mild laundry soap, such as a special linen wash or an ecologically formulated product. Avoid washing solutions that contain hidden bleaches. A small amount of laundry soap will suffice. If linens are heavily soiled, the pre-soak cycle should be used. Always add the solution when the basin is full of water and the washer starts the agitation cycle to avoid discoloration. Wash coloured and dark fabrics separately in cold water to a maximum of 24C. Air dry linens in a cool dryer or hang to dry. A hot dryer cycle can cause permanent damage to the yarn, particularly the last 5 minutes.

Iron damp on a cool setting to regain the luster and sheen. Most cotton sheets function at their optimum after ironing, however, a casual pressing may be suitable for pillowcases and the top-sheet turn back. Family and pet friendly linens are a wonderful option for households who don’t wish to iron.

Ironing Embroidery and Hem-stitched borders

When removing embellished sheets from the wash gently stretch and coax the treatment back into place. Avoid using the dryer to prolong the beauty.
Always iron embroidery on the reverse side. Gently stretch and iron on the appropriate setting with plenty of steam. Hem-stitching may be ironed right side up to gently coax it back into shape.

Pre-soaking new Linens to prolong their life

Always pre-soak new linens in cold water for several hours before proceeding with the gentle laundry cycle. This helps to seal the yarn and ensure long-term wearability.

Spot removal
Make sure the area to be treated is soaked in water before starting. White sheets spot easily with full strength washing solutions. Dark, intense and non-colorfast colours should be treated with a diluted solution or one made for that purpose.

Always store fine linens in a well ventilated moisture free area.
Wrap in cotton or an acid free paper. Avoid plastic or coloured tissue as it may cause discoloration.

“What’s in your detergent?”

Detergents containing brighteners or hidden bleaches may be good for some applications but fine linens require a gentle washing soap. Some light coloured sheets may be bleached on the rare occasion with an appropriate product but darker colours will eventually fade and fibres will weaken.

Line Drying

Line drying is a wonderful way to care for your linens, returning them to the bed with crisp, wrinkle free freshness. White sheets may be line-dried in direct sunlight but coloured fabrics must be hung in the shade.

Fabric Softeners

Fine quality linens woven from long staple Egyptian cotton are naturally soft, therefore fabric softeners are not necessary.

Washing Towels

Egyptian cotton towels are inherently coated with oils that may take a few washings to remove. To speed up the process add ½ cup of white vinegar to the final rinse cycle.

Towel borders are extremely sensitive to dryer heat. After washing, gently stretch the border back into shape. *Some borders have been pre-washed eliminating the need to re-shape after washing.

Keeping Linens Fresh

Upon rising turn back the duvet cover and the top sheet to the end of the bed. Remove the pillows and fluff. This allows the moisture and heat to escape. Spray the linens with Lavender water made for this application.
*Avoid spraying Lavender water on silk bedding as it may cause discoloration.