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Accessibility matters - we firmly believe that we all have the inherent right to be treated with dignity, and that we should be able to move through the world with equal care and respect shown to each and every one of us.

We are striving to create an environment and business that is welcoming and accessible to all. We realize this is an ongoing process and welcome any feedback you may have. We are always open to finding out how we can make your experience with us more relaxed and enjoyable!


  • We celebrate diversity in identities and backgrounds and having a safe and welcoming environment for everyone is integral to who we are. We recognize that people who are racialized, disabled, 2SLGBTQI+, and/ or neurodivergent particularly face multiple accessibility barriers in society and we are committed to being part of the necessary change. We extend a warm welcome to you and thank you for visiting us!


  • The store is on ground level and does not have any steps. The front door unfortunately does not open automatically, but we do our best to always be aware and be immediately available to assist. Photos of the exterior of the store can be found here.
  • We are a full service store and our team are here to help with any products you may be interested in, and are also available to carry any purchases to your vehicle.
  • We have seating in store and you are welcome to sit and relax while we assist you.
  • We are available to help remotely by phone, email, or personal consultation through Zoom, and can also arrange delivery.
  • We are happy to discuss more customized options such as setting up bedding and organizing for linens to be pre-washed for you, depending on your location.


  • We have seating in the store you are welcome to use when chestfeeding or we are happy to provide a more private space if you would prefer.


  • Free underground parking is available for clients during opening hours - a map and details can be found on our About Us page
  • Access to the store from the underground parking is by going around the block. There is metered street parking directly outside the store if preferred - please note that this is only available until 3pm Tuesdays to Fridays due to street parking restrictions. After 3pm on those days metered parking is available on the opposite side of the street. On Saturdays metered parking is available all day.


  • We are not a scent-free environment due to candles, diffusers and soaps in-store. However we can provide shipping direct from manufacturer for many items, in particular linens, so that they can be as scent-free as possible. We are happy to work with you remotely and can also have samples of many linens sent to you directly too.

    Washroom access

    • We have a fairly large single stall washroom with a sink inside that is available for customer use within the store. There is also a wheelchair accessible single stall washroom with a sink inside available in the same building as the store that we can direct you to.

    Website accessibility

    • An accessibility widget can be found at the bottom right of the screen - it is in the form of a circle with a wheelchair symbol inside. This is available for assistance with visual and auditory preferences.
    • We are working on updating all our images with alt text that is as useful as possible. Please note some images (such as colour charts with large colour selections) are difficult to create effective alt text for. We are always happy to send individual photos (including close-ups of any details you may be interested in) and descriptions for any of our products by email and to provide personalized assistance and recommendations! Our contact info can be found here.