Interior Design Services / 室内设计服务

Fino Lino offers a full range of Design Services. Custom consultations are specifically tailored to your needs, including interior styling, space planning and lighting, window dressings and wall coverings, design and sourcing case goods and upholstery furnishings, as well as procurement of fine art and accessories. Bed dressing and linen couture are our specialty.

Fees for design services will be quoted depending on the size and scope of project. We strive to offer all one needs to create an extraordinary environment and be inspired to live beautifully.

We are delighted to work with Design Professionals at Fino Lino and offer many specialized services, including:

  • Approval program on samples and most goods
  • Professional expertise on bedding specification
  • Sewing to European standard for unusual sizes and custom designs
  • Rentals for the Movie Industry
  • Broad selection of unusual wide and narrow-goods fabrics to order
  • Extensive range of luxury linens in stock

Design Team 

Tracy New
Interior Designer @ Fino Lino

Tracy comes to interior design from a background in theatre and film. She spent several years working with the prestigious firm of Warren Sheets Design in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Her goal is to make certain her clients objectives are correctly interpreted and fully met, whether one is looking for a little direction or an overall design concept. "And", she insists, "it doesn't hurt to have a little fun along the way". She lives very near to the beach with her husband and two children.

Alice Weng
Assistant Interior Designer @ Fino Lino


    Designer Support

    Please contact Gaelle Hobbs, Manager @ Fino Lino: or (604) 736-1828 

    To apply for registration, please contact Gaelle with regards to application and forms.



    Fino Lino 提供广泛的室内设计服务,我们所为顾客的需求提供最优势的参考程序. 包括室内造型,室内规划,灯光,窗帘,以及壁纸设计. 从设计到 内饰 饰品/家居,以及为客户提供饰品咨询. 


    室内设计费用根据项目的规模与大小. 我们致力于提供顾客的所需而为我们所爱的顾客创造非凡和美丽又舒适的环境.

    Fino Lino 非常的荣幸与设计专业人士合作,希望可以提供给客户们多种专业服务.


    • 试用程序,设计师可将把店里物品以及样本带出给客户参考.
    • 提供专业床品咨询服务.
    • 不寻常尺寸级定制设计将由欧洲标准缝纫.
    • 我们提供为电影业出租服务.
    • 提供广阔可定的不寻常宽和窄布料.
    • 库存广阔的豪华高档床品.


    请联系 Fino Lino 经理 Gaelle: 或 604-736-1828

    申请登记,请完整填写以下表格并电子邮件 或传真到 604-736 9458. 


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