Size Charts for Mattresses & Pillows

Before choosing bedding for your home take a moment to check the measurements of your bed.  This will allow the process to be more pleasurable and will save time.

Custom sizes

Fino Lino is well-versed in determining measurements for unusual size bedding, whether for yachts, imported furniture, or beds with particularly short or tall mattresses.  Please contact us and we can provide expert help with sizes and quotes!

Mattress sizes

Twin/ Single 39" x 75"
Twin extra-long 39" x 80"
Full/ Double 54" x 75"
Queen 60" x 80"
King (Eastern) 76" x 80" *
California King 72" x 84"
Crib 28" x 52"

*King beds with 2 twin extra-long mattresses will have an overall size of 78" x 80"

Fitted sheets and Mattress Protectors

To determine pocket depth we recommend adding a minimum of 3" to the height of the mattress - i.e. for a 11" high mattress we would recommend 14" or deeper pocket depth.  Industry average for luxury bedding is 17" pocket depth.

Pillow sizes 

Regular 20" x 26"
Standard 20" x 26" or 20" x 28" 
Queen 20" x 30"
King 20" x 36"
European/ Continental 26" x 26"


Pillowcase styles vary - they may have either a fold at one side to hold the pillow in, have a button closure, or be open-ended. 

Open-ended pillowcases will typically be between 3"-8" longer than the length of the pillow.

Bedlinen sizes and shrinkage

Luxury linens are oversized to account for shrinkage.  Sizes indicated for bedding will generally be the size after laundering.  Shrinkage varies from fabric to fabric and can be up to 10%.  The larger the item, the more noticeable this will be before washing!  If you have any concerns about the size of your linens from Fino Lino, please feel free to contact us prior to washing/ using them (as laundered items unfortunately cannot be returned), and we will be happy to check on the shrinkage/ size of the item for you.


Please note all measurements are approximate and may vary with suppliers.