Linen Care / 清洗高級床品

Clients have said that they would compromise their comfort to have something that is purely serviceable. Unfortunately, they may live with linens that don’t provide the luxurious comfort that they deserve.  Like any luxury item, a little extra care will reward you for many years with comfort and lasting beauty.  Nothing is more splendid than slipping into a freshly changed bed.

Addressing how to launder your Linen wardrobe is our pleasure.

The Ritual of Laundering
Sheeting, Duvet Covers and Unlined Shams

Machine wash on the gentle cycle with warm water to a maximum of 3oC.  Select mild laundry soap, such as a special linen wash or an ecologically formulated product. Avoid washing solutions that contain hidden bleaches. A small amount of laundry soap will suffice. If linens are heavily soiled, the pre-soak cycle should be used. Always add the solution when the basin is full of water and the washer starts the agitation cycle to avoid discoloration. Wash coloured and dark fabrics separately in cold water to a maximum of 24C. Air dry linens in a cool dryer or hang to dry. A hot dryer cycle can cause permanent damage to the yarn, particularly the last 5 minutes.

Iron damp on a cool setting to regain the luster and sheen. Most cotton sheets function at their optimum after ironing, however, a casual pressing may be suitable for pillowcases and the top-sheet turn back. Family and pet friendly linens are a wonderful option for households who don’t wish to iron.

Ironing Embroidery and Hem-stitched borders

When removing embellished sheets from the wash gently stretch and coax the treatment back into place. Avoid using the dryer to prolong the beauty.
Always iron embroidery on the reverse side. Gently stretch and iron on the appropriate setting with plenty of steam. Hem-stitching may be ironed right side up to gently coax it back into shape.

Pre-soaking new Linens to prolong their life

Always pre-soak new linens in cold water for several hours before proceeding with the gentle laundry cycle. This helps to seal the yarn and ensure long-term wearability.

Spot removal

Make sure the area to be treated is soaked in water before starting. White sheets spot easily with full strength washing solutions. Dark, intense and non-colorfast colours should be treated with a diluted solution or one made for that purpose.


Always store fine linens in a well ventilated moisture free area.
Wrap in cotton or an acid free paper. Avoid plastic or coloured tissue as it may cause discoloration.

“What’s in your detergent?”

Detergents containing brighteners or hidden bleaches may be good for some applications but fine linens require a gentle washing soap. Some light coloured sheets may be bleached on the rare occasion with an appropriate product but darker colours will eventually fade and fibres will weaken.

Line Drying

Line drying is a wonderful way to care for your linens, returning them to the bed with crisp, wrinkle free freshness. White sheets may be line-dried in direct sunlight but coloured fabrics must be hung in the shade.

Fabric Softeners

Fine quality linens woven from long staple Egyptian cotton are naturally soft, therefore fabric softeners are not necessary.

Washing Towels

Egyptian cotton towels are inherently coated with oils that may take a few washings to remove. To speed up the process add ½ cup of white vinegar to the final rinse cycle.

Towel borders are extremely sensitive to dryer heat. After washing, gently stretch the border back into shape. *Some borders have been pre-washed eliminating the need to re-shape after washing.

Keeping Linens Fresh

Upon rising turn back the duvet cover and the top sheet to the end of the bed. Remove the pillows and fluff. This allows the moisture and heat to escape. Spray the linens with Lavender water made for this application.
*Avoid spraying Lavender water on silk bedding as it may cause discoloration.




当然, 就像任何一样奢侈品, 只要加配小心的照顾, 您所拥有的床品将可以永久维持它的优良品质与美感, 并且为您带来多年的舒适. 但也就像其它奢侈品, 它们需要更多的看护与待遇.


几乎所有Fino Lino 的床品都可在家清洗. 欧洲所制床品格式都会尺寸过大, 允许恰当的收缩量. 清洗后尺寸会缩小到适当大小.


请先清洗床品, 后再应用. 初次使用前, 把新买的床单/床套在冷水里浸泡1到2个小时, 再将它们按照一般程序清洗. (温和度), 这样可让表面的浆质及印染浮色洗掉, 使用起来会更加柔软, 将来清洗时也不太容易褪色.

*浸泡可让纤维缩紧, 确保长久的耐用性.


在平缓的循环机洗, 应用冷 - 温水 (最高30C)

*热水将缩小和损坏纤维, 将永久保留污渍.


在清洗床品时浅色产品要与深色产品分开洗涤. 避免互相染色. 绝不要把毛巾, 蓝色牛仔裤, 或其它可将冲刷布料表面的纤维放在一起, 避免损坏长棉而起球.

洗床品时, 我们建议使用温和天然洗洁剂, 特种洗洁剂像 ‘Le Blac Linen’, ‘Laundry Wash’, ‘SDH Fine Fabric Wash’ 或 ‘The Laundry's Finest Laundry Powder’ 是最好的选择. 这些都可以在 Fino Lino 所购, 百货商店里的 ‘Ivory’ 和 ‘Green works’ 也是不錯的选择.

避免使用洗衣粉, 比如 ‘Tide’ 或 ‘Cheer’ . 因为它们往往难以在温哥华的软水中冲洗干净.

清洗弄脏的床品时, 每缸只需少量的洗洁剂, 利用浸泡循环. 在洗衣机放满后再加洗洁剂避免变色.


坚决不要应用液体柔软剂, 漂白粉, 或其它含有漂白剂的洗涤剂. 包括颜色安全漂白剂. 避免损坏和引起布料退色.


不要使用 省水功能’. 要想让布料长期维持它美丽的质量, 它们需要在足够的水量里游动. 水量不足会引起布料相互摩擦, 此所以千万不要一次性放太多物品一起洗. 充足的水分也可担保所有的洗洁剂一次冲洗掉.


注意: 一些欧洲前装式洗衣机指定专用它们牌子的洗洁剂, 如有可能, 请选择其它环保洗洁剂.



高级的床品及毛巾都天然的柔软, 通常不需要利用柔软剂纸. 柔软剂纸可引起布料表面起球. 应用温和洗衣程序功能. 不要过度烘干. 高温烘干会永久损坏纤维, 尤其是最后5分钟. 若要使用烘干机, 请选用低温烘干, 温度不要超过35C, 可避免让它过度缩水. 最好在床品完全烘干前从烘干机内取出. 想达到最好效果, 清洗后在室外或室内通风处晾干即可.

要想使用熨斗, 我们建议在床品稍湿的时候熨可让布料恢复光泽. 如有绣花, 请在绣花范围反面熨烫.



一向把床品包装在棉布或无酸纸内, 储存在通风良好, 不含湿气的位置. 远离塑料包装, 避免造成永久性变色.