Fino Lino Private Label Collection


Our Private Label collection is created in a Florentine workshop in the Chianti hills of Tuscany, where Italian artisans use classical sewing methods to produce an extraordinary quality of linens.

This small generational family-run mill carefully selects only the finest quality of certified extra long-staple cotton. Every single item is made with particular attention and care: the fabric is cut by hand, sewn to discerning standards and ironed individually, just as our grandmothers used to do. The result is the kind of workmanship that assures durability, luxury and unparalleled craftsmanship.

To reflect our client's preferences we have selected three categories of these heirloom quality bed linens:

The Fascino percale is cooler, crisper in feel and buttery smooth. Percale sheets have a modern matte look and suit those who enjoy simple expressions of luxury.

The Splendido sateen has an exceptional purity of tone with a luminescent sheen. The luxurious density and drape will satisfy those who seek the finest pleasures in life.

The Raso sateen is beautifully finished with a double hemstitch. It has a floating quality that will delight those who love a light, airy feel.


Our private label down is a wonderfully light and breathable 850 loft goosedown from Poland.  It has been selected for its superior flexibility in regulating temperature. This hypoallergenic down is encased in a specially woven 100% cotton jacquard from Germany which is both mite proof and down proof, and is sewn in Canada.  


Fino Lino 自有品牌床单

我们的自有品牌系列是在 TuscanyChianti 山上的佛罗伦萨工作室中创建的。这些意大利工匠使用经典的缝纫方法来生产非凡品质的亚麻布。



Fascino 高级密织这款更凉爽,感觉更清脆,如同黄油般丝滑。 Percale(高级密织)床单拥有现代哑光的外观,适合那些喜欢简单奢华表达的人。

Splendido Sateen (棉缎) 具有极其纯净的色调和闪闪发光的光泽。奢华的密度和悬垂性将满足那些追求生活中最美好的乐趣的人。

Raso Sateen (棉缎)饰有精美的双层缝线。它具有浮动的质量,可以让那些喜欢轻盈,通风的人感到满足。

Fino Lino 自有品牌绒毛

我们的鹅绒是产自波兰的一种非常轻盈透气 850 loft 绒毛。 它因其在调节温度方面具有出色的灵活性而被选中。 我们的低过敏性羽绒产品由来自德国特制的100%纯棉提花包裹,有防螨虫和防跑绒的效果,并在加拿大缝制。