Every year, we travel to some of the world's most spectacular design centres to select our new collections; having now completed our buying trips to New York, Paris, Florence and Milan we feel immensely inspired to share our vision of the upcoming trends.  


Italy, September 2019.

Seen in a fresh light, new styles and colour palettes were vast and our collection for Fall 2019 through Summer 2020 will be spectacular. Here are my personal observations and what we will be showcasing in bedding and home decor.


Maximalist Aesthetic

Strong visual stories, dramatic colours, and retrospective inspiration were all in lavish evidence.

The warmth of maximalism is being embraced anew in the richness of details, seamlessly floating between periods, cultures and styles. This is a season that engages our senses with deep sultry tones.


"Poetic and rich collections emanate introspective, deep emotions."


Decorative Renaissance

We are seeing a decorative renaissance in home decor. Fino Lino has always been part of a movement to create modern classic interiors that honour age-old textile traditions and artisan craftsmanship. Table settings are elegant in warm golds, and gilded metals enhance, adding glamour to crisp white linen. Detailed textures and a reference to one of our most vulnerable species the bee can be seen in this vignette.

Vivid, ebullient colours are striking in this Chanel inspired tabletop with unfinished borders. Orange is predominant giving new life to grey-blue and finished with a dress-makers edge, elevating the idea that home decor and fashion are synergistic. Earthy brown lends a sophisticated air to home and fashion.


70s Retrospective

The current retrospective of 70s design showcases minky browns, moss greens, amber, orange, petrol and inky denim blues...artfully bridging bold, rich and sultry hues of teal, lavender and fuchsia. The strength of Geometric lines is softened with slightly blurred lines, giving a kaleidoscope ambience.

Image by Designers Guild

The playful use of colour and design on soft cashmere and velvet adds visual warmth. The season is all about comfort. 


Adaptable Interiors

Furniture with rounded corners and overstuffed upholstery imbues the comfort and safety ethos.

Mid-century wood frames are modernized with old-world paisleys restyled in a contemporary reinvention of colours.


Juxtaposition of styles and elements

High sheen materials with lurex threads add illumination to interiors with matte modern finishes.   These luxurious materials infuse glamour, and are being used in a juxtaposition of styles: elegant versus organic, old-world versus modern.  The trend ethos is of integration, acceptance and the merging of cultures and traditions. This transition and diversity is reflected through new combinations and a willingness to embrace a wider vision of design.

Fuchsia and midnight appear to be a micro-trend and add a fresh perspective to classical decor.

Handmade Japanese pottery with a Raku glaze echoes the integration of traditional methods that transcend time to become current again.

Unexpected and beautiful elements emerge in these natural interiors replete with plants, fabrics and wallpaper.


Overlap between fashion and home design 

We see examples of merging fashion and home decor, with the runways being a future predictor of decorative trends. Passementeries are resurfacing with tassels, trim and bullion fringe punctuating slubby woven textures of chenille and silk dupioni.  Luscious velvets in earth tones enriched in combination with saturated hues convey a grounded yet generous sensibility.


Sustainable materials

Wicker, cane and traditional basket weaving techniques add organic materials to contemporary decor.

At the forefront of design we see respect for the environment and a deep interest in renewable materials, with light woods that are more eco-friendly. Bedding materials are being made from wood cellulose fibre, from sustainably managed forests purpose-grown to produce micro modal.  This bedding is both long-wearing and biodegradable. Buying better and less is becoming an urgent concern, conserving against the disposable mentality that is adversely affecting landfills. 

Legna Classic


Photos of Legna by SDH. The wood pulp used to create this amazing textile is harvested from managed forests and is completely biodegradable.


Bold slubby textures

Monochromatic interiors benefit by the layering of raw artisan materials with bold slubby textures, encouraging us to honour the beauty of imperfection.


Quiet reflection and mindfulness

People are seeking calm and relaxed interiors where natural elements are integrated into an environment of meditation and self-care. These enveloping interiors make us feel safe and bring maximum comfort, encouraging moments of quiet reflection and mindfulness.

These South-East Asian Gongs created soft calming sounds, drawing on ancient healing philosophy, during the Shoppe Object show in New York.  This embodies the merging of cultures and traditions, and reflects buyers sentiments to have a smaller boutique-style experience.

Specialized sleep environments

There is a recognition that our personal surroundings have a deep impact on our well-being.  Creating a unique sleep environment that honours our needs on both physical and emotional levels is now seen as an essential part of designing a home.

Specialized textiles that meet modern needs but draw on old world aesthetics and workmanship incorporate both practicality and our desire for beauty.

Historically the lightest sleeping fabric is Voile.  Dea designed this embossed Voile to optimize comfort for warm sleepers who covet textiles with a more contemporary look and soft voluminous drape.

This new colour palette in buttery smooth easy-care percale has a matte finish and is highly recommended for warm sleepers.

Additional comfort and warmth can be added through layers of cozy elements, to create a feel of cocooning and make us feel relaxed in our personal sanctuary.

We are very excited to show you our new collection and help find new ways to style your home decor. The early Collection is already instore and will continue arriving through Spring 2020.

Thank you to all our wonderful suppliers Dea Luxury Linens, Designers Guild,  Etro Home, Evelyne Prélonge, Julien Mejia, Kevin O'Brien, Leitner Leinen, SDH Luxury Linens and Sferra.


Cheers, Lauren


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