Sleep Wellness May 13 2017

We continue in the Sleep Revolution mode as so eloquently described by Adrianna Huffington in her book of the same name. She believes that we can “transform our lives one night at a time”. The need for deep restorative sleep is a matter of urgency after years of thinking that lack of sleep is just an acceptable phenomenon of modern society. The health benefits of sound sleep are vast and profound including increase happiness and sense of well being, good moods, creativity, productivity, better immune systems, more defense against heart disease, diabetes and cancer to name a few.

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Creating the perfect sleep environment customized to your specific needs has become apropos.  Retail Sleep Specialists are uber niched in everything from mattresses, bedding, lighting, draperies, sound and security systems.  The movement towards more natural sleeping environments is reflected in the desire for sustainable, chemical free and organic products. See last months’ blog "Natural and Organic Linens". 

The Mattress 

"Getting a good night’s sleep is as important as a healthy diet and exercise".  Consumers now believe that investing in a mattress that is structurally sound and keeps the spine in a normal position is a matter of their well-being. Buying the best mattress that you can afford is a worthy investment. Mattress specialists will suit the density to height weight and sleeping style. Superior materials such as horsehair, flax. silk, cashmere and cotton enhance the sleeping environment and promote a natural sleep. 

Many brands are available such as Hypnos, Duxiana, Hastens and Vispring.

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Bed Frames 

Soft luxurious materials on padded headboard and foot boards are among the favourites.  Choose the frame to reflect the feeling you desire, the size of the room and the exposure. 

The headboard will enhance a simple dressed room and bring comfort. Avoid sharp corners and leave plenty of room for night time movement.

Our favourites are by Bernhardt and available in stock. 

Paint Colours 

Ask yourself how you want to look and feel when you walk in your bedroom? Colour will directly affect how you feel.   Using moody, cool colours that encourage tranquility and that create a safe cocoon are preferable. Light blue, soft green, pearl grey and amethyst are calming. Soft taupe, muted yellow, coral and beige are noted to improve sleep quality. If the colour you choose is darker, then using a matte finish may be helpful.

Look at the present decor as inspiration, and start with your favourite bedding or carpet as a colour key.

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Duvets and Pillows  

Create a fluffy cloud of coziness with layers of specialty down specifically chosen to enhance your sleeping environments. Our Down specialist have extensive knowledge to help you make the perfect choice.  For more information link to our  blog on down duvets and pillows. 

View our production information about choosing the right duvet here.

Technical and Organic Materials for Duvets and Pillows
Many fine materials are being utilized to improve sleeping comfort such as linen, cotton, wool, silk, cashmere, and celebrated technical materials such as Tencel.  For warm sleepers and those prone to allergies natural down alternatives are a viable and safe option.  

More information about natural and organic bedding can be found on our blog.  


  •            Making the room totally dark with specialized black out draperies and blinds or use a silk sleep mask
  •            Keep the furnishings minimal and the temperature on the cooler side
  •            Remove electronics from the sleeping room 
  •            Practicing relaxation techniques before bed including guided imagery, mindful meditations and deep breathing 
  •            Soft music and lighting 
  •            Create a safe and relaxed sanctuary 
  •            Write several things that you are grateful for in a journal
  •            Drink warm milk with cardamom or brewed chamomile tea. 
  •            Talk to your naturopath about taking magnesium, melatonin and other natural sleep formulas

Sleep Essentials:  Elizabeth W. Lavender collection in candle, pillow spray, diffuser and hot/cold silk flax pack.  Silk eye mask are also from Elizabeth W.  Carafe de nuit in hand blown glass by Joe Cariatti and reading glass by Melissa Eyewear.

Feng Shui for improved sleep

  •            Place the head of the bed against a wall 
  •            Avoid the wall where the door or window lays  
  •            Place the bed on the opposite wall from the door 
  •            Avoid slopped and slanted roof lines

The scented room

  •            Essential oils such as Elizabeth W Lavender Mist 
  •            Passion flower, chamomile, neroli, bergamot and lemonbalm

For more information about aromatherapy and wellness, we suggest visiting the website 

Indoor gardening 

Embracing hardworking houseplants to encourage relaxation, increase healthy oxygen and to eliminate carbon dioxide and formaldehyde. They also increase humidity, reduce dust levels and help keep temperatures down.

The beautiful flowers are from The Bloomerie Florist on Arbutus St.  View their website here:

Sleep well in style

Getting restorative nights’ sleep doesn't have to compromise home decor but rather textile design leaders such as Leitner and SDH are creating innovative fabrics that are comfortable and glorious in design. 

Choose bedding that you love to suit your individual sleep style and design preferences.  The most popular colours for bedding are white, ivory and soft grey with seasonal preference of blue, green, lavender, indigo and dark grey.  Our bedding specialists can suggest the best materials to enhance your sleep environment such as linen, cotton, or lyocell.  Warm sleepers usually prefer crisp cotton, linen and cool sleepers may prefer cotton sateen, flannel, silk and wool combinations and lyocell. 

We have a full team who will work with your sleep preferences to create the perfect sleep environment.

Spring/Summer Trend Report 2017 April 13 2017

The influence of colour trends is far encompassing. Generally we look to Europe as an indicator of trend forecasting, with the fashion industry being the vanguard; but lately we have been seeing fashion-forward colours pop up in home furnishings, automobiles and cosmetics.

Global interest in ecology has given rise to green and blue as predominating tones in home decor and fashion. A deep need to feel secure and the embracing of femininity have found their expression in soft pinks and blues.  

Organic fabrics with developed textural qualities play tribute to nature and our desire for comfort.  Happy colourful motifs signify the need to escape from our complex social and political environment and give a sense of whimsy.

Add a bold shot of colour to show your own personality and express your present mindset.

 A compilation of our inspiration of green.   

Pantone colour of the year shown in fashion “Greenery”.
Shown here: Leitner woven jacquard fabric for bedding & upholstery. Prints or jacquards that signify playfulness and a sense of optimism are being shown in various collections.
Botanical prints, shown above, embrace the "Green Movement".
Sandlot Gray is an excellent neutral that works with many of the years
favourite colours & gives expression to feminine sensibilities.
Colour trends embraced by Fino Lino in-store design.
......and in fashion by Hanro of Switzerland.
Photo from:

......and make-up by Coco Chanel for Spring 2017.
We are also seeing renewed interest in earth tones
such as golden brown and burgundy.
Close-up of above reversible duvet cover.
 A darker hue grounds ocean blue, creating depth through contrast.
Indigo is being shown in home decor, fashion and automobiles.
BMW vehicle in Indigo Blue.
The most popular colours for bedding are white, ivory and soft grey with
seasonal favourites of soft blue, green, gold, indigo and dark grey.
Modernised geometric prints and Jacquards in new colours are popular,
as are mixing it up with strong striped and nature inspired coordinates.
Create your own personal bed dressings by adding layers of coverlets, shams,
decorative pillows and throws.

Our in store design team will work with your preferences and budget to create your dream bedding, tabletop and bathroom ensembles.
 Fino Lino 
604 736 1828
2715 Arbutus Street 
Vancouver, British Columbia

Natural and Organic Bedding February 23 2017

Whether you suffer from allergies and sensitivities or want to have a positive impact on the environment (or both!) we have curated a selection of long lasting luxury quality products to suit your needs. Visit us in store so we can help you rest easy knowing both you and the earth are healthier for these choices.
Fino Lino has chosen to carry Hefel's Tencel duvets and mattress protectors as a natural alternative for those wanting to avoid products made with animal materials both for ethical and allergenic reasons.
Not only is Tencel a non-animal product but it is also recognized
an earth friendly material in a number of different ways.

  Hefel sources the wood used to make Tencel from sustainably managed forests in Europe.
Growing and producing Tencel uses10-20 times less water than cotton.
Hefel’s production of Tencel has won the company the European Eco-Label and the European Award for the Environment.
Tencel absorbs 50% more moisture than cotton and disperses it into the surrounding air creating a dry and breathable duvet.
Although we recommend the material to everyone, it is especially suited for those who tend to feel overheated while they sleep. 

by SDH
The Purists
Luxury without compromise.
SDH has created the stunning Purist line to address health concerns and
the environmental impact of bed linens and bathroom accessories.
Their fabrics are free from chemical ingredients, chemical bleaches, chemical dyes, chemical finishes, or formaldehyde, so you can rest assured your household items are good for both you and the environment.
SDH The Purists from left to right:
Sumi Platinum, Jazz Platinum
Anastasia The Purists, Jazz The Purists

By weaving natural materials such as cotton, modal, linen, silk and wool together,
SDH uses the individual advantages of the materials to not only create beautiful patterns and textures but also highly functional fabrics.

With so many different products to choose from you are sure to find your perfect style combined with the durability and easy care you need for years to come.
Between clothing and bedding, your body is in contact with fabric more often than not.  Protect your products from added chemicals with our favourite laundry wash by SDH.

 This cold water active and biodegradable detergent is 100% free of dyes, perfumes, harsh solvents, chlorine, brightening agents, alcohol, and phosphates.
It gently and efficiently cleans all fine fabrics and rinses away clean, with no residue left behind to breakdown material fibers.
Ingredients: Purified water, sodium laureth sulfate, mild cleaning agents, sodium citrate (lemon juice), sodium metasilicate, lemon oil, tea tree oil, and salt.


by St Genève
Photographed by St Genève
Made from organic cotton and woven into a smooth, fine percale.
Dye free and kind to the environment. 

Nico is available in sheeting, duvet covers, shams and bed skirts.
Certified GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard).

by Cuddledown
Made with organic cotton, the Organics collection by Cuddledown is a cost-effective option in a cool percale weave with lasting durability.
Available in 11 colours in sheeting, duvet covers and shams.
For more information about our natural and organic bedding, please visit our website or contact us. We are always delighted to answer your questions.

Romance for My Sweet Valentine February 03 2017

Dance with me until the morning light
For early lovers a gift and wine
Joe Cariati decanter for the bedside
Hold the memory close with classic frames, of special time
Create a romantic atmosphere
Light some candles
Cozy up with throws and hot water bottles
with faux fur covers
Show words of love
Find comfort together
Soft as silk...
Close to the heart...
Do you wish to bring more romance to your life on the
day of love. Our gift specialists are ready to find the perfect 
thoughtful gift

Modern Design January 24 2017

The modern aesthetic in architecture translates perfectly into decorative accessories for the home;
integrating artisan craftsmanship with modern sensibilities.

Precise workmanship creates clean lines in bathroom accessories.

Linen towels from Leitner of Austria are the perfect complement to slate bathroom accessories.
Ivory provides a graphic contrast against black lending a clean modern feel.

Hand cut and fabricated by skilled artisans.
A matte, dark grey finish is honed, smooth and sealed with a protective coating.

Cutting edge design for the bathroom,
made from electroplated glass in a sleek mirror metallic finish.
Polished gold or silver is available.
Simple, solid pewter bathroom accessories hand made in Italy.
Detail of the beautiful tissue box and soap dispenser.
Functional beauty built to last.
Artisan made frames are sleek and simple; modern day heirloom pieces.
Baobab Candle Collection from France; vessels crafted by glassblowers in
Belgium and hand-poured with essential oils from Grasse, France.
Hand blown metallic glass vessel may be used as a vase
after the candle burns down.
Quinn Bachelor's Chest by Bernhardt Furniture
Sleek oak solids and veneers in a black limed finish
with gold tipping.
Cabrera Round Chairside Table artfully
shows the renaissance of warm metal finishes

Strong sensual colours and textures are inviting
in bed dressing.

Kenji duvet cover defines woven perfection holding its strong linear texture
in the presence of faux fur

Play on different abstract textures.

A simple duvet cover pairs well with tone on tone accessories.
Using a solid, neutral  flat sheet gives visual simplicity and grounds the texture
Layering throws to bring out the beautiful mauve undertone of this textured duvet
Light coloured geometric shapes with shimmering velvet texture
blend easily into bedroom décor.
Reinvented  graphic animal design in modern colours.
Colorful decorative floral shams against a deep indigo dupioni silk coverlet and shams.
The centre euro sham echoes the vibrant peacock colour in the poppies.
Loose floral print on linen for the decorative shams creates casual, but fun atmosphere.
The small vertically striped velvet texture of the upholstery 
works perfectly with the clean metallic border of this modern frame.
Placing the same beautiful peacock fabric at the end of the bed creates a harmonious balance.
Different shades of blue and texture with soft gold.
Painterly jacquard duvet cover.
An abstract euro sham that has a warm undertone indigo picks up the leopard print and the metallic gold from the other cushion.
Fino Lino has a full team of talented designers who would be delighted to
work on your decorating project in the store or your home.

Fino Lino
2715 Arbutus Street 
Vancouver, British Columbia
604 736 1828

Holiday Gift Guide December 10 2016

Decorating the tree with shimmering ornaments and twinkling lights is so quintessentially Christmas. 

This season we chose gold and silver ornaments, delightful magnolias and butterfly garlands to reflect our design mood, the transition of metals and integration of the outdoors into the home environment.

The Fino Lino tree; a shining beacon of light and hope for peace in the world.

A luxe melange of decorative ornaments from L'Objet echo renewed interest  
 in building collections that preserve fond memories.
Available in store and online:

Smashing Mr. Frog jewelled ornaments for a princely gift. Available in store.

Sentimental pictures adorn the tree to capture special memories.
Available in store and online:
Amethyst and sapphire jewelled spider ornament by L'Objet 
for those seeking the unusual and dramatic.
Available in store and online:
Venetian inspired free blown vessels by Tom Cariati capture the essence of form and function.
A stunning vessel for your favourite libation.
Available in store.
Baobab Collection
Available in store and online:
The Baobab Collection candles are decorative craftsmanship at it's finest.
The exquisite vessels are made in Belgium by artisan glassblowers.
All candles are hand-poured into the vessels and each fragrance is an olfactory
journey developed in Grasse the historic French city of fragrance.
Baobab also practises safe production methods that respect the environment.
Maison D'Argent Collection by D.L.& Co.
A set of four rare candles formulated with
amber, lavender, citrus, vanilla and cedar.
Available in store
The newest scents from LafCo boast a 90 hour burn candle
in gorgeous hand blown vessels.
Available in store and online:
Modern Alchemy Skull candles by DL&Co.
A gold jewel box of desire. Also available in platinum.
Available in store and online:
Brass candle snuffer set and wick clipper to artfully
maintain your candle's burn time.
Available in store.
Prickly Pear candles by D.L.& Co.
Cast a warm glow for an intimate evening of entertaining.
Available in store and online:
Plush accoutrements abound on our sublime dining table.
Braided gold napkin rings by L'Objet bejewel white linen napkins embroidered
with gold and silver threads.
Available in store and online:
Burnished gold frames bring an aged patina to your decor.
The perfect gift for the sentimental at heart.
Available in store and online:
 A flower tray for your love by Olivia Riegel gold accessories accentuate a well designed décor.
Available in store.
Platinum braid L'Objet frame juxtaposed with the clean lines of a
pewter frame from Match of Italy.
Available in store.

Match frames are the epic hand crafted pewter for the perfectionist who loves simplicity. Made in Italy.
Available in store.

Make her feel beautiful from the inside out with
Hanro's intimate under dressings.
Available in store and online:

Holiday entertaining? Brown, black and taupe high design speciality towels from Etro and Leitner give your bathroom décor that finishing touch.
Available in store and online:

Robes by Etro are fashionable and cozy.

Available in store.

Velvet and silk robe by Etro for your sweetheart.
Available in store.

The masculine appeal of a L'Objet Crocodile Box; part of a fabulous range of accessories.
Available in store.

For the jet setter:
the ultimate travel set comprised of a cashmere/wool 
blanket, pillow cover and eye mask.


The ultimate colour to nourish the feminine spirit.
Available in store and online:


Lanerossi 100% Cashmere Throw from Italy.
Available in store.

Our shop favourite, hot water bottles with faux fur covers
by Evelyne Prelonge of France.
 Oh so soft and cozy!!!
Available in store.

"Naughty or Nice" journal....
"Naughty or Nice" journal....for everyone on your list!
Available in store.

Add colour to your life.
Wool throws from Italy come in a kaleidoscope of colours
by Monziotti
Washbag by Designers Guild.
Available in store.

Art Deco inspired bedding from Signoria for the colour aficionado.
Decorative pillows by Kevin O'brien.
Available in store.

New fabric treatment to charm the textile lover in throws makes a special gift with a crimson faux fur hot water bottle cover.
Available in store.
Elegant personal cashmere throw with a sophisticated vibe;
made in Italy by Manziotti.
Available in store and online:

Give the gift of happy warm feet with quilted velvet slippers
Available in small, medium and large.
Available in store
Best selling sheets

Dea Embroidery sheets & pillowcases made in Italy by textile artisans are part of our specialty collection.
They can be customized on many base fabrics, with different colours
and styles of embroidery.
Available in store and online:

St. Geneve Bellino.
Made from sustainable Micro-Modal with classic styling
for your personal sanctuary.
Available in store and online:

St. Geneve Carezza Collection 
Made from sustainable Micro Modal: so soft and breathable.
Available in store and online:

 SDH Legna Classic Collection
Comfort seekers covet Legna for its superb softness, comfort and 
ease of care. Once you start sleeping in them, you are spoiled forever.
Available in store and online:

St. Geneve Chateau Pillows
Everyone loves to have a new pillow to rest their tired head
by St. Geneve.
Available in store and online:
St. Geneve James Bay Wild Goose Down Duvet
Deluxe down duvets by St. Geneve are the gift that just keeps giving comfort year after year.
Available in store and online:

Krystyna Collection
Our own private label down duvets and pillows in dreamy jacquard and hand sorted European down.
Available in store and online:

Hefel is the leading supplier of down alternative duvets, pillows and
mattress pads all in stock for your immediate sleeping comfort and gifting.
Available in store and online:

We wish you peace, joy, wondrous health and a good night's sleep
from all of us at Fino Lino.
Please call on us to find the perfect gift for you and yours.
Gift wrapping is complimentary.
Fino Lino 2715 Arbutus Street, 
Vancouver British Columbia
604 736 1828

佳節購物指南 December 07 2016





Fino Lino的聖誕樹,如一盞閃亮的明燈,展望世界和平。














設計師Tom Cariati獨特的威尼斯手工玻璃酒瓶抓住美學及實用性。


有不同款式即顏色可挑選, 可到本店挑選:





蠟燭全由人工倒入玻璃器皿. 每款香氛都在具有歷史的法國香水之城 格里斯研製而成。

Baobab 也為了環保同時实行了環境保護法。


来自D.L.& Co.的Maison D'Argent 系列







DL & Co.的現代感煉金骷髏蠟燭系列送給特別的他







D.L.& Co.的梨型蠟燭






L'Objet的24k鍍金編織餐巾圈 ,白色亞麻餐巾配綉有金與銀线作为点缀 







Olivia Riegel手工金色花形托盤。



在義大利純手工制造的Match相框適合給喜欢摩登, 簡約風格的人。


让她能由内而外的美, 來自瑞士的Hanro's 居家及內衣服饰。



來自米蘭的Etro及奧地利的Leitner的暖色調高感設計毛巾, 為您的浴室畫龍奌金






L'Objet 鳄鱼饰盒,是绝佳的配饰系列之一。




此旅行組含羊毛毯, 毛毯袋及眼罩。




來自意大利Lanerossi 100% 纯羊絨毯。


Fino Lino 秋冬暢銷商品

法國的Evelyne Prelonge的人造毛絨熱水袋。




"Naughty or Nice" 日记/筆記本…

記錄那些"印象深刻的人事物" (笑)





洗漱包by Designers Guild



灵感来源于装饰艺术被套 Retro Collection

義大利的Signoria Firenze 为獨愛色彩的朋友而备。



















St. Geneve Bellino系列

St. Geneve Bellino經典款由木纖維製成的被單系列非常輕盈, 適合四季使用的一款材質



St. Geneve Carezza系列

亦木纖維面料: 柔軟且透氣, 觸感像絲綢般細滑,卻像棉般的好打理。



SDH Legna经典系列 







St. Geneve 奢華的高級鵝絨被不但是最好的佳節禮物外,




Fino Lino 個人商标精選波蘭手篩鵝绒被及睡覺枕头亦是很棒的選擇。 








Fino Lino團隊祝願您一切平安,快樂,安康和擁有美好的睡眠。




地址:Fino Lino 2715 Arbutus Street, 

Vancouver British Columbia

电话:604 736 1828 



Talented Artists November 29 2016

Watching talent flourish is truly is one of my greatest pleasures in life.
I am pleased to present a collection of photographs taken by Coletta Rese during a visit to Fino Lino.
Coletta worked with Fino Lino for about 10 years, starting when we first opened in 1990, as an Interior Designer and merchandiser. Her work is exceptional, grounded with her keen natural eye for colour, scale and composition.
This innate talent translates beautifully in her photography.
We were very sad when she moved to Victoria but fortunately have remained friends and business associates.
Coletta taught us so much about design and merchandising which shaped the unique style that we practise today. Enjoy the photographs. Lauren
Coletta Rese

Coletta's View of Nature
If you wish to bring more style and comfort to your home please call 604 736 1828 or visit our showroom:
Fino Lino 2715 Arbutus Street, Vancouver British Columbia




Fall Collection 2016 November 26 2016

The Fall/Winter season is upon us, with shorter days, glorious golden light and autumnal colours. The Fino Lino decor reflects our inspiration by showcasing gold, copper, indigo, moss green, amethyst and tangerine.
The strong domination of metal finishes has shifted from silver to rose golds,
copper and gold leaf;
Feel free to mix up metal finishes, add luscious textures, faux furs and velvets to enrich and bring warmth to your home!
Photographs by Alice who works on our design team.


A melange of mixed metals and animal inspired decorative objects.

Prickly Pear candles by D.L.& Co. in metal finishes of gold, silver and rose gold.

Rose gold mercury glass jardiniere
with winged wall décor.
Polished brass candle snuffer; so stylish and practical for candle lovers.

A luxe selection of indulgent accessories.

Handmade lamp shade.

A Chanel inspired hand crafted lamp gives a glow of warming light.

Glorious chandelier by Canopy Design.

Soft gold woven placemats with crocodile texture coasters.

Le Jacquard Francais Villa Medici in Plum.

Available in napkins, tablecloths, and placemats.

Faux Fur Throw with beautiful royal blue decorative pillow by Lili Alessandra



Glamorous gold threads illuminate any décor.

SDH Paros Duvet Cover

Available online:

 Dressed with a velvet coverlet by Lili Alessandra and faux fur from France.

Kevin O'Brien silk velvet decorative pillow.

SDH Kenji Duvet Cover paired with Evelyne Prelonge Faux Fur Throw.

SDH Kenji Duvet Cover

Faux Fur Throw

Fino Lino has a full team of talented designers who would be delighted to work on your decorating project instore or in your home.

Fino Lino 

2715 Arbutus Street 

Vancouver, British Columbia


604 736 1828


Summer Travel Tips July 23 2016

10 Tips to Travel in Comfort and Style

Travel pillows

Down travel pillows are compact and super comfy to lay your head on
especially in hard airline seats.
They may also be used alone or on top of a hotel pillow for extra softness.

Keep warm

Personal travel blanket for sleeping on the plane or as a
fashionable wrap. Enjoy the comfort while reading your favourite book.
Etro has an elegant travel pillow and blanket set.

Get some rest

Silk eye masks
Helps block out the light so your body thinks it is time to sleep and protects sensitive eyes from the drying airplane air.

Hydrate the skin

Lavender hand cream is wonderful to keep your hands and feet hydrated and the lavender essential oil encourages relaxation.

Manage germs

Tea tree and Lavender essential oils
Pack a small plastic spray bottle and on arrival to your room
dispense a few drops into the spray bottle and add water.
Spray and wipe anywhere you wish to clean. Tea tree is a natural disinfectant that kills germs but is safe for your health.
Lavender essential oil may be used on a handkerchief or cotton ball to soothe your nerves,
aid in sleep and keeps germs away.
Make sure to empty the spray bottle before packing and going through  airport security.

Tea time

Pack your favourite tea as most accommodations provide a coffee/tea maker.
Include chamomile to de-stress and get you to sleep faster. Ask for a cup of hot water on the air plane and make your own favourite tea. Chamomile or ginger tea will soothe an upset stomach.


Manage laundry

Carry a small bottle of Linen Wash or SDH Fine Fabric wash to easily launder in the bathroom sink.
Place the bottle in a double plastic bag in an outside pocket for safety.


Bring your own soap to personalize your hotel room such as Lafco's Champagne or Marine.
They also keep your packed clothes smelling fresh.

Wrap up

Carry a multi-purpose large scarf that matches your travel wardrobe to look stylish and to drape over your shoulders on a cool night.
They can also suffice as a bathing suit cover up and/or a light weight blanket.
Pardi Linen Scarf.. Available for purchase in store.

Multi- task

LJF lightweight beach towels can be used to dry yourself, or as a beach cover up.
They are wonderful for a casual picnic on the beach or as a tablecloth.
Available to order.

Stay healthy by checking in with your favourite Pharmacist or Naturopath to determine what you should pack in your personal medical kit and for advice on any immunizations that are required in your
destination country.

We wish you safe and pleasant travels!

Photography by Alice and modeling by Alex who are part of our wonderful team

Opulent Global Style July 09 2016

Interiors evolve with the seasons and clear summer light inspires us to add more colour to the Fino Lino showroom, bringing inspiration to us and our customers.
We are experiencing a strong integration of colour into minimal interiors
 featuring more chartreuse, green,yellow, blue, watery aquamarines and classic orange.
Linen fabrics are particularly coveted in the summer months for their light cool feel and natural feel; see our Summer Linen Blog for more on this wonderful fibre that has been prized since antiquity.
  All displays below may be viewed in store - come by and be inspired!
This aquamarine and citrine chandelier brings
an ethereal feel to décor.
 Made by Ercole.

Transcend all seasons
by dressing your dining table in four ways.

We love how these blue tile inspired
dishes and glassware sit on a stripped back
table exposing the wood.
Adding some orange suede placemats and
animal inspired goblets brings a textural glow...
....whereas cheerful blue and white placemats by Le Jacquard Francais
combined with glass plates creates a light, fresh feel.
I bring out my glass plates every summer.

Finally, this Jardin Royal tablecloth in sand and citrine by Le Jacquard Francais
creates an elegant look with a more formal appeal.
Le Jardin Royal tablecloth.

Re-design your sleepscape with shots of colour.
Minimal black and white bedding accented by chartreuse and yellow
pillows by Designers Guild.
Contemporary large floral prints make for a happy inviting bed, 
accenting the yellow and deep aquamarine.
Duvet cover by Ann Gish, and pillows by Designers Guild.
Mix in luminescent metallic fabric.
Euro pillow shams by Nancy Koltes.

Design is in the details. Custom coloured hand guided embroidery by Dea may be customized in your dream colour.

Colour chart for thread colours may be chosen in any style
and combination of threads.

 Style your winter bedding for summer with ease
A rich, bohemian style bed created by Alex
Duvet cover and coverlet by SDH.
Accessories by Anichini.
Close up of the duvet cover and sheet.
Change your look by adding a linen duvet cover:
Green has emerged as the go to colour integrating the outdoors into the comfort of the home.
This bedding transcends all seasons, but it is easy to switch it up for summer with a linen duvet cover.
If you wish to bring more style and comfort to your home please call
60 -736-1828 or visit our showroom:
Fino Lino 2715 Arbutus Street, Vancouver British Columbia

A Lush Life - Mediterranean Summer May 28 2016

A Lush Life
Styling by Lauren and photography by Alice    

Fino Lino is known for it's eye catching window displays. Let your imagination capture summer inspiration with watery aqua and blue of a Mediterranean summer. Add stylish elements with decorative linens, pillows and reflective objects.

Create lush outdoor tabletop, by mixing desirable indoor decorative objects and china with outdoor accessories



Select a dreamy summer tablecloth in linen, cotton blends or a coated tablecloth to endure the outdoors. We have chosen Seville in mint by Le Jacquard Francais.

Mix up well crafted treasures; place settings by L'Objet and gold leaf  
chargers by Ercoles available at Fino Lino

                    Fashionable pillows by Christian La Croix add inspiration.          
Peche Miraculeuse by Christian La Croix available at Fino Lino

Sublime ocean inspired mosaic vessel brings interest and a collected
feel to the setting, available at Fino Lino
Hand crafted mosaic by Ercoles

A life well lived with playful additions from more formal indoor settings transition well to the outdoors available at Fino Lino

Create bravado, with mixed metals 
available at Fino Lino
Be daring with jubilant paisley pattern napkins for an element of surprise
available at Fino Lino
If you wish to bring more style and comfort to your home, please call
604 736 1828 or visit our showroom
Fino Lino 2715 Arbutus Street 
Vancouver, British Columbia

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Investing in Luxury Down Duvets & Pillows May 03 2013



Choosing a Down Duvet
Our parents, especially those of European heritage, slept under the most delectable down duvets and, if we were lucky, shared the comfort with us. There are down duvets in circulation that are 100 years old where the down is still in good condition. To prolong the life further a good cleaning and re-ticking would be recommended.
Given proper care a hand-crafted luxury down duvet will last for generations.You may fully expect to enjoy your duvet for 15-20 years or more.
Deciding which down duvet would work best for your personal needs and comfort requires some careful consideration. Our down specialists at Fino Lino are highly trained to help you make that choice. Improving your sleeping comfort is something they are passionate about and they take great care to provide the finest down in the world. There are many things to consider when making your choice.

Type of Down:
The most important virtue of a luxury duvet or pillow is the quality of the down fill.  Down is the soft underplumage that that keeps the geese warm. A mature cluster of down looks like a dandelion, puffy and soft; it is three dimensional and can hold a huge amount of air that creates the insulation.  Mature down can hold more air per ounce than any other known material, and is well known for its lightness and breathability.The larger and older the bird the better the down clusters and the higher the loft (loft indicates how high the down can puff up). Apart from the loft, the density and cling of the down also affect its performance. 
The density of the down describes its characteristics in the centre of the cluster. The more tiny fibres there are and the smaller the air pockets, the more air will be trapped and the better insulated you will be.  With high density the duvet may by very light but still keep you warm and comfortable.
The cling is created by microscopic hooks on the down filaments which catch other down clusters to increase the insulating power, and keep the down from seperating.  This cling is particularly characteristic of Eiderdown; genuine Eiderdown is the finest down in the world, and is extremely rare, but is by far the most comfortable and long-lasting, providing the best sleep environment.

When handling a high quality down duvet, it should appear luxuriously full, with the down springing back after compressing it - it should feel like a very airy soft cloud! 

Outer Shell: 
The fabric casing (shell) that surrounds the down will affect the way it behaves.  A high quality shell will allow the down to loft up, whilst keeping it evenly distributed. It will also allow for the free movement of air, whilst keeping dust and dustmites out - for these reasons shells should be made from a closely woven natural fibre, soft enough to drape gently around the body, creating a personal cocoon.

  The shells of the duvets we carry are constructed of a high quality long staple cotton spun in Germany, making them soft to the touch, breathable, dust mite and down proof. There are no harmful coatings or chemical treatments on these fabrics. The shell design is unique to our manufacturer and allows the down to puff up, to stay in place on top of the sleeper and avoid cold spots. A deep rectangle baffled box is chambered  to hold the down in place. Internal seams are tucked and sewn to avoid cold spots and a fabric valve is sewn between each chamber allowing the filling tube to enter and self seal afterwards. This patent features allows for more down to be added at a later time if required.


Choosing the right weight of down duvet is important to give maximum sleeping comfort;
the amount of fill required will vary according to the type of down, and its power of insulation.  A higher quality down with less fill will insulate more effectively than an overstuffed duvet with poor quality down.
Here is a general guide to the weights we carry:
Winter      weight is for average/cool sleepers in a cold bedroom.
Classic      weight for warm sleeper and heated bedroom.
Summer   for very warm sleepers and warm weather.

The Cleanliness of the down:
Nowadays we are fortunate to have gentle yet effective cleansing processes available to purify down before it enters our homes (unlike our parents down that was dusty and had an odour).  Thorough down cleaning is a specialised and expensive process - always purchase down from a trusted source and look for a "Downmark" tag.  This is a non-profit organisation devoted to maintaining quality standards.

The down we carry is ozone treated cleaned with the "Zurguard Down Purifying System". It gives you "assurance of the highest standards of freshness, purity and cleanliness".  The Zurguard process is careful and gentle and guarantees the down is hypo-allergenic (within a certain time from your purchase). There are no harmful coatings or chemical treatments on these fabrics.

 For hygiene reasons down products cannot be returned, ensuring that you can be confident of clean, fresh pillows and duvets.

Choosing the correct size:
Twin bed - Twin duvet (72"x 86")
Double or Queen bed - Queen duvet (90"x 92")
King bed - King duvet (108"x 92")

Super sizes and custom sizes are also available, although we recommend keeping within the guidelines above, as placing a larger duvet on a smaller mattress will cause the duvet to pull down on the sides and not loft up correctly, rather than giving the wonderful sensation of floating on top of you.

The price paid for a down duvet is consistent with its quality and lifespan. An inexpensive duvet cannot be expected to perform like a high quality duvet and its price is inclusive of these fine characteristics. The higher the quality of the down duvet the better the performance, and the more luxuriously restful your bed will feel.

Choosing a Down Pillow
The firmness is essential and must be suited to your individual needs to ensure comfort. The right pillow weight will allow the neck muscles to relax and may aid in less snoring. Pillows come in fill weight of soft, medium and firm and will lose approximately 10-15% of their puffiness in the first few nights. Choose the fill weight based on your physical size, sleeping style and preference. When lying on your side the pillow should keep your head aligned with your spine. For back sleepers the head needs to be level with the body and stomach sleepers require very little support and a soft fill.

Pillow sizes:
Regular 20" x 26"
Queen 20" x 30"
King 20" x 36"
Euro 26" x 26"

For a king bed, choose either 2 king pillows, or 2 queen pillows if a smaller sleeping pillow is preferred; alternatively 3 regular pillows will also allow for a smaller sleeping pillow whilst giving a fuller look. For a queen bed, choose either 2 regular or 2 queen. For a double bed, choose 2 regular size pillows.  For twin beds 1 king pillow provides a more luxurious look, but either 1 queen or 1 regular pillow are also popular options. European pillows are mostly used decoratively or to provide back support for sitting up.

Compression of the down:
This dictates how much the pillow sinks down and springs back. The higher quality the pillow (and the higher the loft) the greater the compression, being therefore a better choice for anyone who moves around a lot.  A feather pillow doesn't have much compression. Many people choose their pillow to be soft and sumptuous and others to be firmer - these are very personal choices.  We recommend trying a range of sample pillows instore before making your final decision.
Down pillows are longer lasting than either feather or synthetics, providing excellent support with a luxurious feel. Due to their longevity they need to be covered with a pillow protector to ensure they are kept clean.

Pillows may be customised to create the perfect fit for your sleeping preference.  Down can be either added or removed - we request that pillows are cleaned before being brought in for this service.

Things to remember for both duvets and pillows:
Down can be added to our duvets but can't be removed.  If in doubt we recommend going for a lighter fill, with the option to add more down if required.  There is usually a natural acclimation period for a new duvet, so always allow time for your body to adjust to a new environment before making any extra changes.
The higher the quality of down duvet or pillow the better the performance.
The higher the quality of the down the wider the comfort range, meaning they will be warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Eiderdown has the widest comfort range.
When it comes to luxury goods you get what you pay for!