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I love the change of season in late September/ early October enveloping us with the promise of a fresh start,  with seasonal offerings tending to reflect our current state of mind. The Covid-19 pandemic has encouraged us to become more introspective and to take a new approach to how we live, work and design our homes. Many of us have reinvented our lives drawing on our deep rooted resilience and fortitude… this new way of living captures our innate strength and allows us to develop the freedom to express ourselves by pushing the creative design boundaries in our homes.  Fino Lino provides us with such a creative environment and we draw on the lifestyle vignettes created instore when working closely with our clients to create more beauty and comfort in their homes.

Memories from fall buying trips in Europe

Memories from Fall buying trips in Europe.


My home at Thanksgiving.

Favourite table settings are always mixture of new and old  always playful and  dramatic.

Favourite table settings are a mixture of new and old - always playful and


The Fino Lino showroom as it transitions to fall with intensified colour and and dramatic decorative objects.


The Fino Lino showroom as it transitions to Fall with intensified colour and dramatic decorative objects.

An abundance in sculpted velvets is juxtaposed with sumptuous cashmere and grounded with linen jacquards that transcend all seasons. The shams are woven in linen jacquard which transitions perfectly to fall with a few additional layers.


Lush cashmeres and velvets in seasonal colours

Lush cashmeres and velvets in seasonal colours.

Nature is the common thread this Fall/Winter season; colour is being showcased in a new palette applied in different ways and to new materials.  Modern clean lines merge with classical elements dramatically juxtaposed to embody those changes. A Pine pillow with retro ribbed texture adds a shot of Fall colour to existing décor while faux fur and velvet gives visual weight.


The arrival of the Fall/ Winter season and the new collections tend to reflect our current reality.  The cool winds encourage us to layer up and the visual glory of the changing foliage provides a gleeful backdrop to the metamorphoses of warm colours enhanced by golden light.

Faux furs make the most splendid layer in cozy throws and fun rounds balls

Faux furs make the most splendid layer in cozy throws and fun spheres.

Old world paisley designs originating in Kashmir from hand loomed throws are updated in modern colours by Etro of Italy, dramatically juxtaposed to embody the element of modernism.


There is a renaissance of chic neutrals that echo the textures of grainy woods and stone materials, adding abundant luxury and flow through in home décor. Making the room look larger, these neutrals will provide a glorious backdrop for new seasonal layers and will remain in your collection for years to come.

A touch of animal print surfaces throughout the collection

A touch of animal print surfaces throughout the collection.

 Linen jacquards, velvet and cashmere in a melodious melange resting on and ivory woven cashmere bedcover from Biella Italy.

Linen jacquard, velvet and cashmere in a melodious mélange resting on an ivory woven cashmere bedcover from Biella, Italy.

Entertaining at home with our small group of family and friends has sparked new interest in collecting covetable table linens, decorative accessories and exploring new recipes and presentation ideas. Matte and high sheen gold accessories used in tandem and often mixed with silver have been growing in strength for several years.

 Decorative vase from Copenhagen reflect the seasonal earth tones and graining texture hand blown in sand.

This decorative vase from Copenhagen reflects the seasonal earth tones with its sand-blasted granular texture. 


Strength in transitional table settings is visually weighted by Fall accessories, working with what you already have in your home and creating new groupings of similar or complementary products.


Food presentation from Lauren’s kitchen

Food presentation from Lauren’s kitchen.


Simple food presentation by Lauren

Simple food presentation by Lauren.

We are making more time for relaxation and indulging in things we love. Personally I love tea time and collect teas from my travels. My all time favourite is Mariage Freres Wedding Imperial - the fragrance and tasting notes awakening many past memories of my European travel and buying adventures.



The season reflects a multifarious collection showcasing the deepening of hues...a build up of texture and luxurious layers of cashmere, velvet, chenille and faux fur artfully pushing the limits of comfort and design. Plush fabrics and tone on tone layering reflect a return to more traditional values and buying quality that will last for years.


Colour blocks and weighted linen fabrics share the common ground of the transition of Fall pivoting to Winter when layers are maximized, offering sensuous soft textures and hues of deep crimson, brown variants with warm and cool undertones highlighted by champagne beige, cerulean, forest, rosewood and ochre.



Etro is a leading forecaster of adventurous integrated design, with mixed eras, expressive geometrics, paisley and luminous metallic threads that easily coordinate with the season’s rich deep graphite and stone.


Warm/cool expressions continue to be popular with dramatic textures in black and navy adding an element of sophistication. Grey may have reached its zenith allowing for the new transition to shades that originate in nature.


Retrospective curvilinear shapes, abstract florals and paisleys give an interesting twist when layered with dramatic animal prints in joyful yet exaggerated melodies of design.

Derek bed photo


Artfully pushing the design limits using vintage fabrics on a custom frame embellished with brooches and tassels - the artist wished to capture the grandeur of elegant lifestyle reminiscent of the Parisian Belle Époque.



Fortuny inspired light fixtures

Fortuny-inspired light fixtures.

Mixing eras creates new traditions; small artisan studios are creating high sheen silk velvets with painterly strokes and interesting devore techniques that are integrated with modern matte finishes, merging into a fully individualized design form.


Comfort is the overshadowing mantra with safety, well being, self care and developing personal private spaces all essential to finding peace in a pandemic stricken world. Controlling our choices has become more important than ever with a strong “buy what you love” ethos, and rejection of disposability.

We are seeing more black and midnight hues offering a style signature of sophistication

We are seeing more black and midnight hues offering a style signature of sophistication.

 We covet bathrooms that offer a spa like experience with deep tubs, steam showers and dressing areas.  Luxurious soft fluffy towels and robes with caches of wondrous personal products give refuge and invite us to relax.

Photo from


white abyss towels


Camomile Lavender  essential oil based diffuser

Chamomile Lavender essential oil based diffuser.

The Fall/Winter Collection easily embraces the “buy what you love” ethos as for 30 years the showroom has been a strong example of the buyers taste in art, found objects and textiles,  exemplifying our personal choice to have full creative expression in our work and how we live, never wavering towards temporary trends or the disposable. The dramatic collection captures the European lifestyle of Italy, France, Germany and Austria and their artisan style of craftspersonship in fabric production and finishing.

We are pleased to invite you to our fully integrated in store shopping experience that reflects our unwavering commitment  to keeping our staff and customers safe with all the Covid-19 protocols in place. We are also very happy to offer on-line shopping with more of the beautiful products you have come to love and the same standard of service expected from Fino Lino. Should you prefer to speak to us by phone, email or zoom we are happy to accommodate and also to provide curbside pick up.

Lauren and the Fino Lino Team