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Springtime along with the anticipation of summer in Vancouver is a profound culmination of many things; the changing quality of light, a lightening of layers, the sound of gentle winds playfully rustling in the new growth of cherry blossoms and daffodils...

Truly a sense of liberation from the long winter and bringing new hope for a brighter future.

Design and interior styling becomes more deliberate with clearer, more vibrant colours. New spring designs embrace lighter materials and a softening of angles for a more whimsical approach - rounded lines peppered with large scale florals and botanicals. Happy colours prevail such as corals and forest inspired greens with pale yellows redirecting the former mindset of grey in a new direction.

Coral Manipur pillow combined with Grandiflora linen throw and Jangal linen pillows on Kiyosumi cotton duvet cover.

Background colours have warmed infusing comfort as whites become shaded and ivory becomes the new white.  Soft ombré pastels reflect a desire for gentleness and hope.

Christian Lacroix Bourgeon pillow shown with Spring Tulip linen throw.

Create romantic ambiance with a new fragrance for your home; one of the season’s favourites is the Paris candle by Baobab evoking fond thoughts of France in late springtime with its scents of linden, tulip and chestnut blossoms.

The Paris candle is shown here resting upon a butterfly tea towel in soft rose tones, together with a hibiscus ornament.

Continue the theme of renewing and refreshing with a personal at home spa day with fresh towels in happy colours.

Our favourite colourful Superpile towels from Abyss are available in a wide range of colours - made in Portugal, they really are the softest and most absorbent!  Shown with the dark ashwood body brush.
The spring cleaning ritual of clearing away clutter and cleaning surfaces so they reflect the light also offers a sense of renewal. Our moods brighten with the weather as we methodically change from our winter mindset of layered comfort to a lighter way of living. Natural cleaning materials bring a sense of well-being that extends beyond the home.
Body brush with handleround body brush and nail brush all made in France from natural materials.
Ostrich feather duster from France by Andrée Jardin

The anticipation of warmer days is reflected in imagery of the seashore, coral shapes and washed out tones recalling sun-bleached surfaces at the water's edge. Long awaited florals are introduced with unexpected colours, many with exotic hues and others lending a more neutral palette of sepia and linen.

Etro cake stand shown with Asia mood napkins and coral ornament on Aquarius coral print tablecloth.

The coveted entry into the local growing period makes fresh produce and lighter cuisine more available. No matter how large your outdoor space adding a decorative tablecloth and fun accessories will enhance your pleasure. Set the table, try a new recipe and bring back fond memories of far away places.


Dramatic table dressing enlivens our moods and adds splendor to outdoor spaces which have become essential to provide safe social interactions. Our desire to be outside in nature or dining al fresco are all part of the seasonal metamorphosis. 


 A classic Aperol Spritz always speaks to summer - Cheers!

Wishing you a lovely summer filled with inspiration as we all look forward to brighter days ahead!
The Fino Team