Spring / Summer Collection 2018 in Home Decor

As we embrace Spring with the blooming of the garden, gentle breezes and lightening layers of winter wools we gain a sense of renewal and optimism stimulating interest in re-designing the home in preparation for easy spring/summer lifestyle. Home decor traditionally reflects how we feel about our life and our needs vary as much as our moods.

This season is a mélange of colour and texture with staple neutrals in navy, taupe, brown, blush and golden yellow highlighted with exuberant pops of colour such as purple,blue lavender, aquamarine, yellow, olive and coral.

Deepened modern pastel hues have a chameleon effect, blending with ease into most colour schemes. Use of these dependable pastels to refresh paint colours or to brighten established neutral homes adds a twist of humor and excitement.  

Oxidized metals

Renewed interest in oxidized metals that have a glorious aged patina, and graded fabric or paint techniques that show the saturation of dyes draws on inspiration from days past.

This technique is shown beautifully in Kevin O'Brien fabrics. Honoring age old craftsmanship and techniques, but utilizing a modern sensibility to create dramatic interiors that break all traditional rules of home décor. 


Unexpected intensely dark ceilings create extraordinary height and depth.

Décor tends to swing between pure opulence and a more relaxed laid back attitude for bedroom dressing. Textured linens, monochromatic jacquards and collectable pieces that we are passionate about play an important role in the New Boho look.  

Unusual materials applied to decor in unique ways reflect artisanal techniques of craftsmanship. Adding an unusual handcrafted accessory or art piece that defies the norm in home decoration shows desire to think outside the box.   

Hand blown glass technique

Unusual lighting and shapes influence home decor

Opulence driven design gives rise to classical bed dressing underpinned by clean simple lines allowing a dress down before bed. Strong classical textile designs from European archives have gained a new sense of importance as we strive to establish our own traditions in our homes. Décor playfully embraces the strong juxtaposition between new and old, modern and classical, abstract and conventional.

Inspiration from the outdoor environment remains strong as we forge strong opinions about global warming, embracing classical floral and botanical patterns in duvet covers and accessories that have been modernized in colour, scale and application.

Whimsical butterflies, happy flowers and birds are appearing in abstract form, standing up well in simplistic contemporary homes.  Tricia Guild's new collection for Designers Guild spring /summer 2018 exemplifies the use of bold new colours and elements.

View the latest collection at Fino Lino for Spring / Summer 2018
from Designers Guild. 

Remembering an easier time in the world there is great interest in past retro design, drawing on seventies revival of plush velvets, moiré abstract and geometrics shown in fabrics and wallpaper.  

Furniture design has softened into luscious sensuous curves and fluid feminine lines giving homage to a strong female influence with curved arms and backs embellished with tufting and passementerie.


Image from Bernhardt Furniture

Interest in creating safe and quiet home environments that are ecologically sound gives a renewed sense of the importance of home, establishing a sense of retreat and privacy that reflects our current mindset. Buying better for personal comfort and longevity shows the trend towards artisanal techniques of embroidery, glassblowing, rattan, basket making, sisal and cane that are being showcased and becoming part of our personal home culture. 

Weaving techniques of natural fibres

Natural stone materials

Dressing the dining room table for dinner and entertaining at home are part of the new traditions along with interest in food fusion with integrates many cooking styles.


View Le Jacquard Francais tablecloth collection

Dea of Italy demonstrates age old techniques with hand guided embroidery establishing strong needs for individualization and moving away from standardization, allowing full creative expression of our own unique qualities and desires. 

The underlying message of the season of adventure into extreme colour has become deeply rooted in fashion and home décor.

We look forward to introducing our new collection with great anticipation, and a love of materializing your personal vision of your home.

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