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Travel with a pillow

Down travel pillows are compact and super comfy to lay your head on especially in hard airline seats.  They may also be used alone or on top of a hotel pillow for extra softness.

Get some rest

Silk eye masks help block out the light so your body thinks it is time to sleep and protects sensitive eyes from the drying airplane air.


Hydrate the skin

Lavender hand cream is wonderful to keep your hands and feet hydrated and the lavender essential oil encourages relaxation.

Manage germs

Pack a small plastic spray bottle and on arrival to your room dispense a few drops into the spray bottle and add water of Tea tree and Lavender essential oils.  Spray and wipe anywhere you wish to clean. Tea tree is a natural disinfectant that kills germs but is safe for your health.  Lavender essential oil may be used on a handkerchief or cotton ball to soothe your nerves, aid in sleep and keeps germs away.  Make sure to empty the spray bottle before packing and going through  airport security.

Tea time

Pack your favourite tea as most accommodations provide a coffee/tea maker.  Include chamomile to de-stress and get you to sleep faster. Ask for a cup of hot water on the air plane and make your own favourite tea. Chamomile or ginger tea will soothe an upset stomach.



Manage Laundry                

Carry a small bottle of Linen Wash or SDH Fine Fabric wash to easily launder in the bathroom sink.  Place the bottle in a double plastic bag in an outside pocket for safety.



Bring your own soap to personalize your hotel room such as Lafco's Champagne or Marine.  They also keep your packed clothes smelling fresh.

Wrap up

Carry a multi-purpose large scarf that matches your travel wardrobe to look stylish and to drape over your shoulders on a cool night.  They can also suffice as a bathing suit cover up and/or a light weight blanket.


Pardi Linen Scarf.. Available for purchase in store.



Lightweight or linen beach towels can be used to dry yourself, or as a beach cover up.

They are wonderful for a casual picnic on the beach or as a tablecloth.

Available to order.

Stay healthy by checking in with your favourite Pharmacist or Naturopath to determine what you should pack in your personal medical kit and for advice on any immunizations that are required in your destination country.

We wish you safe and pleasant travels!