Genuine Eiderdown Duvet

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Eiderdown is the softest and most sumptuous down in existence. It is light in weight, warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer and is unsurpassed for comfort throughout the seasons.

Eiderdown is hand collected from the bird's nests at Eider duck sanctuaries. For generations, the local farmers have created a special bond between themselves and the Eider ducks, where the birds aren’t disturbed and they trust the down collectors implicitly. While eiderdown tests at 700 loft, its unique high density (the density of filaments on the down cluster) and cling (the ability to cling to other down clusters) make it insulate as if it were a 900+ loft down. 


  • 100% cotton jacquard cover made in Germany
  • Sealed Baffled Box Design
  • Genuine Eiderdown 700+ loft
  • Guaranteed hypoallergenic
  • Fabric is certified OEKO-TEX Standard 100
  • Includes certificate of authenticity
  • Care Instructions: shake and air regularly. 
  • Available in Summer, Classic and Winter Weight
These duvets are guaranteed for 20 years for cotton ticking duvets against any defect in material and/or workmanship provided reasonable care has been taken.  This duvet will add an undeniable luxury and comfort for the ultimate sleeping experience and may be customized in fill weight.

Size Measurements Summer Classic Winter
Euro Twin 54" x 94" 12oz 15oz 20.5oz
Twin 72" x 88" 16oz 19oz 26oz
Queen 90" x 94" 19oz 24oz 32oz
King 108" x 94" 22oz 30oz 40oz

Weight Guide:

Summer For warm or average sleepers in warm environments
Classic For average sleepers in average to cold environments
Winter For cold sleepers, in cold environments

If unsure which weight to choose, we recommend choosing a lighter weight, as down can be added if necessary, but not removed.  Please contact us if you would like a personalized recommendation.

**Items may take approximately 2-4 weeks to ship and arrive. Please contact us for in store availability.