Round Blue Art Deco Candle

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300g candle / 5ml perfume spray

Perfume from France
Candle made in Portugal


- 100% Ecoluxe-wax: blend of New Zealand beeswax, Thai coconut wax & American soy wax
- double cotton wick

Care Instructions

Before lighting, remove all packaging, trim wick to 1/4" (6 mm) and place candle on a flat, heat resistant surface away from anything flammable.

Extinguish candle after 2 hours and allow to cool before relighting.

Discontinue use when 1/2" (12mm) wax remains.

A simple tip to remove the wax. Make sure that the wax is cold. Place the vessel in the freezer for 24 hours so that the wax can contract. Take the vessel out and the wax should start to gently crackle around the edges. Place upside down and gently tap the vessel and the cold wax should fall off. If required use a plastic knife to help removing the cold wax around the edges being mindful not to scratch the paint off the vessel.