Venezia Ivory Table Linens

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 It’s the time for weddings, parties, meeting old friends. The buffets are dressed and tables veiled in majestic white cloths pulled tight at each corner…

With unrivalled quality and softness, Le Jacquard Francais tablelinens offer unmatched, luxurious shine. It has been specifically treated to make ironing easier and the table cloth easy and pleasant to use.

Designs are made mechanically with weave effects (in contrast, for example, to printed patterns) and are visible on both sides.

100% cotton.  Made in France.

Care: General Recommendations

All products are treated to minimise shrinking. However, it is normal for items to shrink by 3-4% after the first few washes.

Before using for the first time, soak the item for several hours without washing powder or liquid. This will remove the fabric's finish and avoid stains becoming encrusted.

Remove stains as quickly as possible to avoid them becoming encrusted as they dry.

Normal wash at 60', never wash below 40'. In the event of persistence stains, use a pre-wash stain-remover or rub the stain with soap before washing at 90'. 

Do not mix coloured items with light items as colours may run.

Available to order in the following sizes:

Tablecloth   69” x 69”

Tablecloth   69” x 98”

Tablecloth   69” x 126”

Tablecloth   69” x 149”

Runner        22” x 59”

Runner        22” x 79”

Napkin         23” x 23” (Set of 4)

Placemat     21” x 15” (Set of 4)

 **These items may take 8-12 weeks to ship and arrive if not in stock. Please contact us for in store availability.