Sand Sonora Candle - 3 Sizes Available

$200.00 CAD
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Burn time

Max 10: 60 hour burn time
Max 16: 150 hour burn time
Max 24: 400 hour burn time


Mineral wax from Germany
Egyptian cotton wicks
Glass handblown in Poland
Fragrances from Grasse (in southern France) and Switzerland.

Care Instructions

-The first time you burn your candle it is recommended to burn it for 3-4 hours

-To avoid soot forming, cut the wicks regularly to a maximum height of 1/4" and clean the inside of the glass using an alcohol-free product

-We also recommend that you put out the candle within one hour once the surface of the wax has liquefied completely.

-In addition, take care not to burn the last centimetre of wax as a flame burning against the glass may cause it to shatter.