SDH Fine Fabric Wash


This natural concentrate gently and effectively cleans all your fine linens and everyday washable and rinses away clean, leaving no damaging residue to break down fabric fibers. 

  • Free of dyes, Perfumes and Harsh Solvents
  • Free of Alcohol and Phosphates
  • Free of Chlorine and Brightening Agents
  • Free of Artificial Colours and Fragrances
  • Free of Allergens, Phthalates and Paraben
  • Super Concentrated Saves $$$.
  • Cold Water Active
  • 100% Biodegradable
  • Never Tested on Animals.
Compatible with all washing machines, temperatures and water systems, the super concentrated formula means less water, less energy and less packaging.  Made with natural bleach alternatives, plant-based ingredients and essential oils.
One capful per large load. 
Ingredients: Purified water, sodium laurenth sulfate, mild cleaning agents, sodium citrate (lemon juice), sodium met silicate, lemon oil, tea tree oil and salt.