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Sleep Wellness

We continue in the Sleep Revolution mode as so eloquently described by Adrianna Huffington in her book of the same name. She believes that we can “transform our lives one night at a time”. The need for deep restorative sleep is a matter of urgency after years of thinking that lack of sleep is just an acceptable phenomenon of modern society. The health benefits of sound sleep are vast and profound including increase happiness and sense of well being, good moods, creativity, productivity, better immune systems, more defense against heart disease, diabetes and cancer to name a few.

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Creating the perfect sleep environment customized to your specific needs has become apropos.  Retail Sleep Specialists are uber niched in everything from mattresses, bedding, lighting, draperies, sound and security systems.  The movement towards more natural sleeping environments is reflected in the desire for sustainable, chemical free and organic products. See last months’ blog "Natural and Organic Linens". 

The Mattress 

"Getting a good night’s sleep is as important as a healthy diet and exercise".  Consumers now believe that investing in a mattress that is structurally sound and keeps the spine in a normal position is a matter of their well-being. Buying the best mattress that you can afford is a worthy investment. Mattress specialists will suit the density to height weight and sleeping style. Superior materials such as horsehair, flax. silk, cashmere and cotton enhance the sleeping environment and promote a natural sleep. 

Many brands are available such as Hypnos, Duxiana, Hastens and Vispring.

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Bed Frames 

Soft luxurious materials on padded headboard and foot boards are among the favourites.  Choose the frame to reflect the feeling you desire, the size of the room and the exposure. 

The headboard will enhance a simple dressed room and bring comfort. Avoid sharp corners and leave plenty of room for night time movement.

Our favourites are by Bernhardt and available in stock. 

Paint Colours 

Ask yourself how you want to look and feel when you walk in your bedroom? Colour will directly affect how you feel.   Using moody, cool colours that encourage tranquility and that create a safe cocoon are preferable. Light blue, soft green, pearl grey and amethyst are calming. Soft taupe, muted yellow, coral and beige are noted to improve sleep quality. If the colour you choose is darker, then using a matte finish may be helpful.

Look at the present decor as inspiration, and start with your favourite bedding or carpet as a colour key.

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Duvets and Pillows  

Create a fluffy cloud of coziness with layers of specialty down specifically chosen to enhance your sleeping environments. Our Down specialist have extensive knowledge to help you make the perfect choice.  For more information link to our  blog on down duvets and pillows. 

View our production information about choosing the right duvet here.

Technical and Organic Materials for Duvets and Pillows
Many fine materials are being utilized to improve sleeping comfort such as linen, cotton, wool, silk, cashmere, and celebrated technical materials such as Tencel.  For warm sleepers and those prone to allergies natural down alternatives are a viable and safe option.  

More information about natural and organic bedding can be found on our blog.  


  •            Making the room totally dark with specialized black out draperies and blinds or use a silk sleep mask
  •            Keep the furnishings minimal and the temperature on the cooler side
  •            Remove electronics from the sleeping room 
  •            Practicing relaxation techniques before bed including guided imagery, mindful meditations and deep breathing 
  •            Soft music and lighting 
  •            Create a safe and relaxed sanctuary 
  •            Write several things that you are grateful for in a journal
  •            Drink warm milk with cardamom or brewed chamomile tea. 
  •            Talk to your naturopath about taking magnesium, melatonin and other natural sleep formulas

Sleep Essentials:  Elizabeth W. Lavender collection in candle, pillow spray, diffuser and hot/cold silk flax pack.  Silk eye mask are also from Elizabeth W.  Carafe de nuit in hand blown glass by Joe Cariatti and reading glass by Melissa Eyewear.

Feng Shui for improved sleep

  •            Place the head of the bed against a wall 
  •            Avoid the wall where the door or window lays  
  •            Place the bed on the opposite wall from the door 
  •            Avoid slopped and slanted roof lines

The scented room

  •            Essential oils such as Elizabeth W Lavender Mist 
  •            Passion flower, chamomile, neroli, bergamot and lemonbalm

For more information about aromatherapy and wellness, we suggest visiting the website 

Indoor gardening 

Embracing hardworking houseplants to encourage relaxation, increase healthy oxygen and to eliminate carbon dioxide and formaldehyde. They also increase humidity, reduce dust levels and help keep temperatures down.

The beautiful flowers are from The Bloomerie Florist on Arbutus St.  View their website here:

Sleep well in style

Getting restorative nights’ sleep doesn't have to compromise home decor but rather textile design leaders such as Leitner and SDH are creating innovative fabrics that are comfortable and glorious in design. 

Choose bedding that you love to suit your individual sleep style and design preferences.  The most popular colours for bedding are white, ivory and soft grey with seasonal preference of blue, green, lavender, indigo and dark grey.  Our bedding specialists can suggest the best materials to enhance your sleep environment such as linen, cotton, or lyocell.  Warm sleepers usually prefer crisp cotton, linen and cool sleepers may prefer cotton sateen, flannel, silk and wool combinations and lyocell. 

We have a full team who will work with your sleep preferences to create the perfect sleep environment.