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Spring/Summer Trend Report 2017

The influence of colour trends is far encompassing. Generally we look to Europe as an indicator of trend forecasting, with the fashion industry being the vanguard; but lately we have been seeing fashion-forward colours pop up in home furnishings, automobiles and cosmetics.

Global interest in ecology has given rise to green and blue as predominating tones in home decor and fashion. A deep need to feel secure and the embracing of femininity have found their expression in soft pinks and blues.  

Organic fabrics with developed textural qualities play tribute to nature and our desire for comfort.  Happy colourful motifs signify the need to escape from our complex social and political environment and give a sense of whimsy.

Add a bold shot of colour to show your own personality and express your present mindset.

 A compilation of our inspiration of green.   

Pantone colour of the year shown in fashion “Greenery”.
Shown here: Leitner woven jacquard fabric for bedding & upholstery. Prints or jacquards that signify playfulness and a sense of optimism are being shown in various collections.
Botanical prints, shown above, embrace the "Green Movement".
Sandlot Gray is an excellent neutral that works with many of the years
favourite colours & gives expression to feminine sensibilities.
Colour trends embraced by Fino Lino in-store design.
......and in fashion by Hanro of Switzerland.
Photo from:

......and make-up by Coco Chanel for Spring 2017.
We are also seeing renewed interest in earth tones
such as golden brown and burgundy.
Close-up of above reversible duvet cover.
 A darker hue grounds ocean blue, creating depth through contrast.
Indigo is being shown in home decor, fashion and automobiles.
BMW vehicle in Indigo Blue.
The most popular colours for bedding are white, ivory and soft grey with
seasonal favourites of soft blue, green, gold, indigo and dark grey.
Modernised geometric prints and Jacquards in new colours are popular,
as are mixing it up with strong striped and nature inspired coordinates.
Create your own personal bed dressings by adding layers of coverlets, shams,
decorative pillows and throws.

Our in store design team will work with your preferences and budget to create your dream bedding, tabletop and bathroom ensembles.
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